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In the light of cognizance taken by the Government that mineral development sector would also be one of the main areas for generation of economic resources and raising of general economy in the State, NSMDC came into being in the year 1981.

Nagaland, a State located in the extreme east of the country, sharing about 192 km International Border with Myanmar and as such placed in a strategic location. Nagaland is richly endowed with variety of minerals. The main established mineral reserves comprise of

(i)  Petroleum & Natural Gas (prognosticated reserve of 600 million tonnes) in the northwest along Nagaland-Assam border

(ii) Coal (with inferred reserve of 317 million tonnes) in Wokha, Tuensang, Mon & Mokokchung Districts

(iii)Limestone & Marble (with inferred reserve of 1000 million tonnes)

(iv)Magnetite with Nickel, Cobalt and Chromium (5 million tonnes of proved reserve)

(v) Rich deposits of varieties of Decorative & Dimensional Stones

(vi) Other associated metals like Zinc, Molybdenum & other possible precious metals such as Gold and Platinum groups (within ophiolites and metasediments) in Phek, Kiphire and Tuensang districts of Nagaland.

The Government desires to exploit the rich minerals to enhance the economic status of the state and to uplift the rural people where rich mineral deposits are available. With this objective, Nagaland State Mineral Development Corporation Limited (NSMDC), fully owned by the State Government was set up by the Govt. of Nagaland and incorporated in May, 1981 under Companies Act, 1956 with the main objectives of

(i)  Initiating commercial exploitation of limestone, coal and other mineral deposits

(ii) Promoting, establishing and developing economic activities in mines and mineral based industries.

The successive Plans have been formulated with the basic aim to promote and facilitate mineral-based industries in the State for economic growth as well as generation of employment opportunities. The investments will also be justified by cost benefit analysis.

The planning strategies are focused to achieve the following objectives.

  1. i) Development of infrastructures such as construction and upgradation of mineral link roads and improvement of power in collaboration with relevant departments.
  2. ii) Initiation of mineral-based industries by facilitating and involving the people/private sector with technical guidance and assistance from the Government through the Corporation so as to generate economic growth and employment with full justification in quantified terms.

iii)  To enter into Profit sharing ventures with private Companies in various limestone and other mineral based projects.

  1. iv) To enter into joint venturing with various oil companies in exploration and production of hydrocarbons and its downstream industries.