Decorative and Dimensional Stone Plant

Nagaland has got variety of stones which  can be made use of in the form of Decorative and Dimensional Stones with high value addition, the notable of which are Sandstone, Grey Marble, White Marble, Green Granite, Grey Granite, Gabbro and Dunite.


NSMDC had set up two Units of Decorative and Dimensional Stone Plants (DDSP) under NEC sponsorship during the Ninth Five Year Plan, one at Chumukedima in Dimapur District and the other at Wazeho in Phek district and made operational since August 2001. Each of the plant has a production capacity of 200 sq.ft of stone slabs in a day. The plant at Chumukedima produces mostly of sandstone products and the plant at Wazeho produces marble products. The products are in the form of slabs, block, cladding, artifacts and monoliths.


In order to enhance the production capacity of the DDSP’s and thereby reducing the cost of production so as to generate better revenue, the Corporation has taken up upgradation of both the DDSP Units by installing higher production capacity machines such as Gang saw machines, Multi Blade Cutting Machines, Block Dresser Machines, Gantry Cranes and Edge Cutting Machine in the Plant. In order to commensurate the increase capacity of the Plants higher capacity quarry machinery and equipments are to be proportionately upgrade in both the plants.

The upgradation of both the DDSP’s units were funded by State Government under state plan during financial year 2014-2020..the upgradation of DDSP wazeho has been already completed and the newly installed machines are under trial  run and fine tuning to bring the machines to the desired production capacity.

The upgradation of DDSP, Chumukedima are in good progress and the project shall be completed during the financial year 2020-2021.