Mineral Deposit Link Roads

Nagaland State, though comparatively small in size, has substantial mineral deposits, many of which are of economic importance. Many of the Mineral Deposits are, however, yet to be connected by road and therefore, detailed exploration works cannot be carried out till date. Road connectivity to the important Mineral Deposits are therefore, of paramount importance to carry out Detailed Exploration to be followed by development and extraction.


NSMDC has taken up construction of 3 nos. mineral link roads to connect important mineral deposits under funding by the Ministry of DoNER, as summarized below:-


a) Wazeho – Satuza :This Link Road, 8 Km in length shall connect the Limestone Deposit at Satuza having an inferred             reserve of  12.00 Million Tonnes

  1. b) Zipu – Moke :This Link Road 9 Km in length shall connect the White Marble and other mineral Deposits at Moke    having  estimated reserve of Marble is 5.95 Million Tonne.
  2. c) Laluri – Nimi: This Link Road 20 Km in length shall connect the largest Limestone Deposits at Nimi in Kiphire District   having  estimated Reserve of 375 Million Tonne upto 300 metre depth.


Construction of Bridges across Tizu River and Chizuti River in the Nimi – Laluri Mineral Link Road

Two RCC bridges, one across Tizu river (100m span) and the other across Chizuti river (24m span) in Nimi – Laluri mineral link road has been constructed by NSMDC funding under NLCPR, Ministry of DoNER Govt of India. The Construction of bridges were completed and inaugurated on 12th June 2016.